"Sky over Wakehurst"

     In my classes, I'm always saying that unless your painting is "about the sky" ; then the sky should be played down so it does not overwhelm the whole piece.

     This amazing country house is in West Sussex, south of London, and as in most all the rest of the UK, has some of the most incredible skies you could ever hope to see.  This painting was meant to be a tribute to some of those skies . So, since this painting was largely about an imagined sky formed of many memories; it was allowed to be the "star" of this show.  The portions of the paper that are purely saved whites are only in the sky, portions of the house itself, and it's reflection in the lake  - for visual connection and expressive emphasis. 

     And so I gave the sky center stage - with everything else in the painting  being an important part of the "supporting cast"


"Sky over Wakehurst"

Thomas W Schaller - Watercolor

24x18 Inches   05 April 2015 



Wakehurst Place is a National Trust property and is an incredible 16th century Elizabethan country house in West Sussex England, just south of London. But the astonishing 500 acres of gardens in which the house is set are largely from the 20th century . They are managed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

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Interview - "My Modern Met"


A very big thanks to Alice Yoo at "My Modern Met" for the interview and terrific article about me and my work! I'm very grateful . Check out her fantastic site at the link below!


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"Simple Country Lane"


This is a quick watercolor sketch  - a little over an hour - done from a site sketch and reference photo  of a very simple  country scene .  In this painting, I wanted the story that the actual place told me - a sense of quiet and calm on a peaceful summer day in rural Northern Ireland  - to be reflected in the type of painting  I chose to do.


Restraint was required.  All needed to be casual, relaxed, direct, and uncomplicated .  And the  brushwork and palette selected portraying the shadows and light are meant to lead the viewer into the painting - inviting them to take a quiet  reflective walk along a simple country lane.




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"Stormy Road to Newcastle" Northern Ireland

"Stormy Road to Newcastle"
Northern Ireland

Thomas W Schaller - Watercolor
15x22 inches        22 March 2015
On my trip to Northern Ireland last year, I was looking forward to being bowled over by the beauty I'd always imagined I'd see  in the legendary  Mountains  of Mourne ( where the "Mountains Sweep Down to the Sea" as the song goes ).  And I was - but more so than I ever could have imagined.  And the overpowering beauty, energy, and majesty of the ever-changing sky was a revelation.  Never have skies seemed so alive to me  - as if they were always trying to talk to me - to tell me something.  
And every day since - I believe they did.  So inspiring and amazing they were.
Driving toward  Newcastle this day  - I had to stop and just try to take it all in.  I still am.


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2015 World Watercolor Triennial - Seoul, South Korea

I am very honored to have two of my paintings - "Steps of Rocamadour" and "Pacific Coast Highway" included in the

2015 World Watercolor Triennial  - Seoul, South Korea. 

Special thanks to Hyunhwa Daria Roh for sending the invitation.

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104th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition - California Art Club

A very big Thank You to Randy Higbee  for the amazing framing he did for my painting "Winter Bridge - Ohio"

which was accepted into the:


104th Annual GoldMedal Juried Exhibition of

The California Art Club

29 March - 19 April 2015  

USC Fisher Museum of Art - Los Angeles


You're the best Randy - thanks so much!

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"Listening to your Paintings" on "artistscribbles"

The inspirational blog "artistscribbles" was good enough to post one of my essays today.  Im very grateful and encourage you all to check out and follow this amazing site.


Thank you so much!

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Facade Study in Warm and Cool


"Facade Study in Warm and Cool"
Thomas W Schaller - Watercolor
18x13 inches on Fabriano Artistico
16 March 2015



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Kitchen - Castle Beynac; France

Kitchen - Castle Beynac ; France

Thomas W Schaller - Watercolor

18x13 inches  03.14.2015


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Italy - Summer 2015

Lots of time in Italy this year - never a bad thing! I'm very happy to be exhibiting and presenting at the IWS Exhibition; Fabriano In Acquarello, and The Festival Internazionale in Sperlonga in May. Then  in June, teaching in Rome for the Associazione Romana Acquerellisti.  

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